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Hi folks,

Thanks for visiting!  Been meaning to start up a blog for a while now and plan on keeping a semi-steady stream of news and updates for those who are interested….

I’m excited to be working on an LP to be released in the coming months on the wonderful Students of Decay label run by Alex Cobb.  It’s been an evolving process putting together music for the release, but it’s nearly done!  There will be around 30 minutes of new material written primarily on acoustic 6 string guitar, juno 106 synth, nord electro 2, m’bira, and other random detritus around the house.  Release date and title forthcoming.  I will be sure to announce details as they come.

About a year ago I contributed some music to a mail-order series called Laminar Excursions on the XRA label.  Other contributing artist included Damien Jurardo, J. Tillman, Richard Swift, among many others.  It was released on 3″ CD and has since sold out, as it was a very limited run.  Rather than letting it vanish into the aether, I’ve decided to create a Bandcamp page where folks can stream or download the music.  Much of it was written between 2009 and 2010, around the same time-frame I was working on my debut album Fountain on Root Strata.  In many ways, I like to consider it a companion to that release.   Hope you enjoy it!

That’s all I got for now.  Please visit again soon!

Much love,


Listening to a lot at the moment:

Popol Vuh – “The Werner Herzog Sountracks”
Lower Dens – “Twin-Hand Movement”
Lumerians – “Transmalinnia”


5 thoughts on “News ) ) )

  1. Danny,

    Alex Cobb, a good friend of mine, recently introduced me to your work. It’s been a splendid introduction indeed. I look forward to the latest.


  2. seriously, will you ever stop being just the greatest. I love everything you have posted in terms of music, and everything else.

  3. I am a huge fan of your music, and browsing for more of it on the internet I came across you blog, and here you have Lumerians listed (my boyfriend’s band/ one of my favorite bands). You get an A+.

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