IN SEARCH OF LIGHT cover art!!!

I’m psyched to share a sneak peak of the cover to my upcoming LP In Search of Light designed my dear friend Billy Joe Miller.   The album will be released by Students of Decay in late August and will be available on vinyl and for download.  Please check back for details on the release date and a link to Billy’s new web page coming soon !!  

Much love,




2 thoughts on “IN SEARCH OF LIGHT cover art!!!

  1. Hey Danny,

    Remember ‘One-fan’ from Wilmington, DE? It is great to see your blog and I’m psyched about the new album…. no pre-order option yet, but I’ll stay tuned. I hope this finds you well in all regards.

    I was truly saddened to read about Jeff’s death. He was fabulous on record and from the perspective of the “crowd” at Mojo, and seemed like a really fine person. Life is short, we must treasure it while we are here.

    Any plans from new music from The Drift, or for any touring that would touch the mid-Atlantic states?

    Best, Hal

    • Of course I remember you Hal. Nice to hear from you! I’m really excited to share the music. Pre-order’s will open very soon…

      Thanks for the kinds words about Jeff. It’s been a major loss. He was not only an integral member of the band, but he was just a wonderful human being, friend, and musician. He his most certainly still with us in spirit. Life is precious indeed.

      The Drift has a new full length due out in October, again on Temporary Residence. It’s called Blue Hour and will be available on CD/ double LP, and digitally. We’ll be announcing European dates soon! We are working as a three-piece with our original (electric) bassist Trevor Montgomery. Really thrilled about the music and very excited to share it and get back out there… been too long! Hope to make it back East too!


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