Winter Is Here

Seasons are definitely a relative thing when it comes to temperate climates like San Francisco’s.  Markers of cold here are more associated with the light, longer nights, and adding a scarf or gloves, but without a doubt our modest version of Winter seems to be in full swing these days and I’m loving it.  The light hangs low and golden and the sunsets have been particularly epic, especially on a clear night.  All are perfect ingredients to make music to.  I’ve been working on a couple soundtrack projects, both of which are for documentary films.  They are unfinished so I’ll spare the particulars until they’re done.  I thought it would be nice to periodically share some of the ‘works-in-progess’.  This track felt like a good one to start with considering the recent cold weather and how it always seems to take hold of me and inspire.  Hope you enjoy what you hear and wishing you a very happy holiday and New Year!  As always, thanks for taking the time to read and listen.

More to come…

Love & Light,



One thought on “Winter Is Here

  1. you just made a perfect song. and the image is a perfect fit. stared at it for the duration of the song and it began to move. sunlight into galaxy.

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