2011 In Retrospect

Greetings and Happy New Years to you all!

A list of what made this year memorable – enjoy!


Adopting our little feline companion named Eli. What a dream he is!

Music (in no particular order):

Grouper – AIA: Alien Observer / Dream Loss
Talk Talk – Laughing Stalk (reissue)
Mark Hollis – s/t (reissue)
Gillian Welch – The Harrow And The Harvest
The Psychic Paramount – II
Leyland Kirby – Eager To Tear Apart The Stars
Sandro Perri – Impossible Spaces
James Blake – s/t
Peaking Lights – 936
Golden Retriever – Light Cones
Bombino – Agadez
Tim Hecker – Dropped Pianos


Tinariwen @ Yoshis, SF – can’t remember the last time I danced with such abandon!

Solo set’s by Neil Young & Bert Jansch (RIP) @ The Fox Theater, Oakland – woah!

J.D. Emmanuel @ Brava Theater, SF – absolute blissssss!

Hearing Kenric sing his heart out with 30 person choir IOCSF (International Orange Choral) at the lovely St. Marks cathedral. It was an Eastern-Block themed program – so amazing!

Playing solo more than ever, and in so many wonderful non-club venues with such great musicians; The beautiful SF Zen Center w/ Barn Owl & Date Palms, St John’s w/ Myrmyr and art spaces like Subterranean Art House w/ amazing guitarists Chuck Johson & Alexander Turnquist, both of which put out excellent releases this year.

Getting back on the road with my band The Drift and touring Europe supporting our good friends Explosions In The Sky. So grateful for the experience and a nice anecdote to what had been some very challenging times – Rest In Peace Jeffrey! Your still with us.

Recording and releasing the Moholy-Nagy debut, my second solo album, and The Drift’s fourth full-length all in the space of one year. Here’s to 2012 being just as fruitful!


Nostalgia For The Light – hands down one of the most achingly beautiful documentaries.
Arbor – find this doc and see it. it will blow your mind on so many levels.
Midnight In Paris – Woody’s best in years.
Bridesmaids – LOL!
Cave of Forgotten Dreams – great Herzog doc. see it in 3-D for maximum effect.

Wine tasting with the family…

Becoming an Uncle to my third nephew Charlie.

All the best to you in 2012!



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