West coast tour recap w/ Chuck Johnson ) ) )

I had the pleasure of doing a brief tour along the West coast with friend and fellow guitarist Chuck Johnson this past week.  It was a real treat sharing shows together, further deepening my respect for his music and person.  We played alongside some wonderful musicians – Daniel Bachmann, Plankton Wat, Golden Retriever, Marisa Anderson, Jessika Kenney & Eyvind Kang, Date Palms among others.  HUGE thanks to all the amazing people who helped book and promote the shows, showed us around their towns, made us yummy home cooked food, let us crash at their places, and came out to listen!  I’m deeply grateful to have had the experience and hope to see you all again soon!

Some highlights and pics:

Playing the kick-off show at a lovely loft space in Oakland surrounded by friends and their adorable dogs.  Such a sweet way to set the tone – thanks to Zach and Amy for being such gracious hosts and opening up their space to us!

Seeing a real life Bono lookalike in L.A. – No joke!  Literally the first step out of the car when we arrived in town, there he was strutting down the street… it took multiple takes to realize he was in-fact a shorter, cruder man impersonating Bono.  Weird!  L.A. is truly full of artifice!

Arriving in Eureka to a home cooked dinner at our host Elkiyas place, her sweet puppy Hooda, and playing to an enraptured (very stoned) audience of locals.  Oh Eureka…  Also, having a damn fine cup of coffee in Arcata with our friend Brian Pyle, of Starving Weirdos/Ensemble Economique.

Finally seeing Golden Retriever live in Portland at our show at Valentines.  So damn good!  Meeting and hearing Dewey from Planton Wat.  Sweet dude.  Playing for my Mom and sis.  Going to a sad yet very endearing late-night goth club after the show with best pal Donal.

Seeing those immense cascade mountains that surround Vancouver for the first time – woah!  Spending some time there with Sarah Davachi, getting a driving tour of the city, and surprisingly with no border drama – though the patrol guy coming back into the states laughed under his breath when we told him how much we made at our Vancouver show.  Told him we are living the dream – ha!

Playing to an intimate audience of dedicated listeners in Seattle at the New City Theater for the Magma Festival.  You could hear a pin drop – it was unnerving.  Such a pleasure to meet and hear both Marisa Anderson / Lori Goldston as well as Jessika Kenney / Eyvind Kang keeping it real.  It was a wonderful evening of music!  Midnight dinner at Ba Bar – highly recommended!  Having a delicious home-cooked breakfast at our friends Bruce’s lovely home, making it a challenge to get motivated for the long haul back home.

Seeing the moon rising above the majestic Mount Shasta was beyond words!  Somehow making it to Redding after a very late start from Seattle, ultimately getting us back home in time to return our rented car.  Phew!

Ending it all with our friends Date Palms at the Hemlock to a warm room full of listeners and friends was the Icing on the cake.  Here’s a thoughtful review of the show in the SF Weekly

Good times!




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