“Arrivals” video excerpt

Hi folks,

Here’s sweet short video by Stijn Schiffeleers documenting the Arrivals installation I participated in a while back.  The music was made in collaboration with Tony Cross & Andy Cabic for artist David Wilson’s installation in San Francisco’s beautiful Park Presidio.  David was one of a few artist’s selected for San Francisco Museum of Modern Art’s annual SECA award.  The video is an excerpt taken from a continuous 30 min. performance which was recorded live and subsequently left as an artifact on cassette along with David’s towering 16 ft ink drawing depicting Frog Woman Rock.  It was a really nice moment to be a part of and a real treat to see Stijn’s portrait of it… he used multiple still images to produce the video, hence the time-lapse quality of it.  Hope you enjoy, music and all!

Autumnally yours,


More about the project

David Wilson: Arrivals

Dear friends,

I had the honor of taking part in the beautiful installation Arrivals by artist David Wilson, one of a few recipient’s to this years SFMOMA (San Francisco Museum of Modern Art) annual SECA award.  This event kicked off one of 6 guided journeys in outdoor locations around SF.   The music was written in collaboration with Andy Cabic (Vetiver) and my good friend Tony Cross.  It was performed in a eucalyptus grove in the beautiful Park Presidio, where one of David’s incredible painting’s along with a recorded document of our performance will live for the next two months.  It was a very special experience!  If you happen to live in the Bay Area, please take a moment and visit while it’s up (roughly until mid November).

Follow the above SFMOMA link for more info on the project and to follow David’s progress.

Much Love,


Some nice moments from the event…


Tony revealing the magic of the harmonium.


David Wilson & Colter Jacobsen playing under the canopy, sing along style.


Tony with the majestic “Frog Woman Rock” painting to give a sense of scale – 16 ft!

Photo by Terri Lowenthal

Photo by Terri Lowenthal


Photo by Terri Lowenthal


Photo by Terri Lowenthal

IMG_5652One of four cassette players which played prepared sounds (synth, bells, drone) along with Tony and I on 12 string guitar, harmonium, wine glasses, and the wind in the trees.


Singing wine glass with cassettes. Photo by Terri Lowenthal

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