Harrison House Music & Arts Residency

It’s been a little over two weeks now since returning from an incredible stay at the Harrison House Music & Art’s residency program down in Joshua Tree. Definitely still reeling from the experience, wondering if it was a dream or in-fact real.  Turns out it was both.  We had nine dedicated day’s of creativity and relaxation in one of the most extraordinarily beautiful places on earth. Big sky and lot’s of space for the mind to wander.  A piece of my heart is still there for sure. Huge thanks to Eva Soltes for being such an amazingly gracious host, and to the John S. Knudsen Trust for sponsoring our stay.  We are deeply grateful to have had the opportunity.

While there, I did a bunch of recording which will find it’s way onto an LP coming out this Spring on Students of Decay… more on that soon!   For now, I’ll leave you with some pictures to illustrate the beauty that is this place.. Enjoy!



A nice write-up on the residency and Eva Soltes, who runs it, can be found here.  Eva was a long-time friend of Lou Harrison and did an extraordinary documentary on his life.  Seek it out.

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