Reflections on 2012 ) ) )

The theme that immediately comes to mind when describing 2012 is one of transformation.  I understand change is constant, however this past year seemed to bring an extra concentrated dose of it.  This is not just speaking for myself, but also to many of those surrounding me… major shifts have been at work.  New beginnings, overcoming great loss, finally taking that leap of faith, babies being born, separations, etc.  And for all the fumbling and awkwardness this often brings, it can also be transformative.  So with all that in mind, it’s important to give pause and reflect a bit.  I feel grateful for taking risks, staying vulnerable, for the amazingly brave people and loved ones by my side as we travel through life together.

Here’s to another year around the sun and looking forward to all the adventures that 2013 will no-doubt bring!!!

Some of what made this year memorable (In no particular order)

Life etc:

Being a student (again)
Year 7 with my honey
The birth of (little) Charlie, nephew number three!
Romney not taking office
Reading The Rings of Saturn, W.D. Sebald
Playing in a mini planetarium
Lou Harrison: Documentary Project, A World of Music
Visiting dear friends in Albuquerque, NM & exploring the Ojito Wilderness area.
Recording my third album, slowly
Playing a ton of solo shows
Loving home

Listened, new & old:

Angel Olsen, Half Way Home (2012)
Laurie Spiegel, The Expanding Universe (1980)
Jacques Greene, Ready EP (2012)
Lou Harrison, Gamelan Music (1992)
Raul Lovisoni & Francesco Messina, Prati Bagnati del Monte Analogo (1979)
Andy Stott, Luxury Problems (2012)
Roberto Cacciapaglia, Sonanze And Other Works 1972 – 1975
George Cromarty, Grassroots Guitar (1973)
Bauhaus, Burning From Inside (1983)
Jessica Pratt, s/t (2012)

Thanks for reading and see ya next year!!!