Imaginational Anthem 5

It’s a true honor to be a part of the 5th installment of the always beautiful and inspired Imaginational Anthem series on Tompkins Square. The talented guitarist Sam Moss, featured on volume 4 of the series, was asked to curate this one and was nice enough to invite me to contribute alongside some incredible contemporary guitarist’s including Steve Gunn, Jordan Fuller, Nick Schillace, Will Stratton, Bill Orcutt, Daniel Bachman, Eric Carbonara, Alexander Turnquist, Cam Deas and Yair Yona.. Due for release November 13th!  The volume will also be part of a 6-CD box set due out November 23 containing all 5 of the Imaginational Anthem disks along with a live disk from William Tyler.  Previous installments include an incredible cross-section of both contemporary guitarists and legendary pioneers such as greats John Fahey, Sandy Bull, Max Ochs, Khaki King, Glenn Jones, Peter Lang, Robbie Basho, Sharron Kraus, Michael Chapman, Jack Rose, James Blackshaw, Jose Gonzales, Christina Carter, among so many other visionaries.  I am beyond humbled to have any association with such a lineage!

Hope your enjoying this Autumn season…

With Love,