Growth and Transition sound walk in San Francisco

Greetings! For those of you living in the Bay Area – I’m very honored to take part in this collaborative sound walk with artists Rumi Koshino and Fereshteh Toosi as part of Soundwave Festival featuring music from my Longform Editions contribution, “Sunrise, Looking East.” Please come check it out if you are able!

Project description:

Growth is a sound art experience that begins at the 1969 Ruth Asawa mosaic of the same name at 580 Capp St. It’s a series of guided meditations situated in the urban landscape of the Mission. Participants are invited to slow down, listen, reflect on the past, and contemplate our collective responsibility to future generations.

Proceed to each stop from west to east. This experience will take approximately 50-60 minutes. Wear comfortable shoes, use headphones, and please stay alert to traffic and other hazards while you walk.

Produced by Rumi Koshino and Fereshteh Toosi as part of the Oil Ancestors project, with music by Danny Paul Grody.

Art by Rumi Koshino

100 Days of Drawing by Rumi Koshino

RumiKoshino_TheChetwood_750pxDear ones, two’s and threes,

I’ll be playing an intimate set of solo tunes for my friend Rumi’s beautiful art show in Oakland coming up March 17th. The excellent Matt Baldwin will also be playing a solo set of astral guitar that will surely transport… if you happen to live in the Bay Area, I hope you can join us in the celebration of Rumi’s 100 Days of Drawings. It will be a lovely evening of art and music. Please have a look at the flyer for all the details and hope to see you there…