Sunrise, Looking East – digital-only release (Longform Editions, 2019)

Sketch for Winter VI: Other States cassette (ltd ed 100) / Download
(Geographic North, 2016)

Furniture Music – Digital-only
(self-released, 2014)

All songs recorded in January of 2014 at Harrison House Music & Arts in Joshua Tree California. Mixed and mastered at home in San Francisco in the Fall of 2014.

Between Two Worlds – LP / Download
(Three Lobed Recordings, 2013)

All songs recorded and mixed at home in San Francisco between Fall of 2012 and Spring of 2013 using 6 & 12 string acoustic and electric guitar, synthesizer, cassette, piano, and voice.  Mastered by Patrick Klem.  Artwork by Billy Joe Miller. Layout by Scott Caligan.

In Search Of Light – LP / Download
(Students Of Decay, 2011)

All songs recorded and mixed at home during the Fall/Winter of 2011 and Spring of 2011 using acoustic and electric guitars, harmonium, bows, synth, and bells. Mastered by James Plotkin. Artwork by Billy Joe Miller.

Fountain CD / Download
(Root Strata / 2010)

All songs recorded and mixed at home in Fall/Winter/Spring of 2008 using acoustic and electric guitars, melodica, keyboard, bow, rain, and voice.  Mastered by Greg Davis. Original artwork by Billy Joe Miller.


(100% of proceeds benefiting youthSpark, a non-profit supporting at-risk youth)
Geographic North / 2018

(100% of proceeds goes towards benefiting UK homelessness Shelter)
Audioscope / 2014

Imaginational Anthem Vol. 5 – CD + download
Tomkins Square / 2012

Track Listing :

1. Temple Walk – Steve Gunn
2. I Think We’ll Be Happy Here – Jordan Fuller
3. Lookout Point – Danny Paul Grody
4. There Is A Place In This Old Town – Nick Schillace
5. Hemet Pine Singer – Will Stratton
6. John Fahey Commemorative Beer Can – Bill Orcutt
7. Confederate Rose – Daniel Bachman
8. Through A House Of Violet Abandon – Eric Carbonara
9. Her Unmediated Eyes – Tom Lecky
10. Standing At The Entrance Of A Hidden City – Alexander Turnquist
11. Modern Man In Search Of A Song – Cam Deas
12. Rivers Gone Badly Wrong – Yair Yona

Preview full album here

Various Artists – Eight Trails, One Path – LP + Download
Three Lobed Recordings / 2012 (Limited Edition of 1055)


1. Alvarius B – El Gomhoreya
2. William Tyler – Lismacue
3. Danny Paul Grody – Late November
4. Six Organs Of Admittance – Stranded on Io
5. Steve Gunn – Trailways Gramble
6. Lee Ranaldo – By The Window
7. David Daniell – Housewarming
8. Sir Richard Bishop – Quarter Wheel

Honest Strings: A Tribute To The Life And Work Of Jack Rose

MASSIVE 6 and a half hour tribute to the late great Jack Rose co-curated by Cory Rayborn of Three Lobed records and available exclusively via Thrill Jockey’s Fina music download site.  100% of proceeds go to Jack Rose’s estate.


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