Sunrise, Looking East – digital-only release (Longform Editions, 2019)

Sketch for Winter VI: Other States – cassette (ltd ed 100) / Download
(Geographic North, 2016)

Furniture Music – Digital-only
(self-released, 2014)

All songs recorded in January of 2014 at Harrison House Music & Arts in Joshua Tree California. Mixed and mastered at home in San Francisco in the Fall of 2014.

Between Two Worlds – LP / Download
(Three Lobed Recordings, 2013)

All songs recorded and mixed at home in San Francisco between Fall of 2012 and Spring of 2013 using 6 & 12 string acoustic and electric guitar, synthesizer, cassette, piano, and voice.  Mastered by Patrick Klem.  Artwork by Billy Joe Miller. Layout by Scott Caligan.

In Search Of Light – LP / Download
(Students Of Decay, 2011)

All songs recorded and mixed at home during the Fall/Winter of 2011 and Spring of 2011 using acoustic and electric guitars, harmonium, bows, synth, and bells. Mastered by James Plotkin. Artwork by Billy Joe Miller.

Fountain CD / Download
(Root Strata / 2010)

All songs recorded and mixed at home in Fall/Winter/Spring of 2008 using acoustic and electric guitars, melodica, keyboard, bow, rain, and voice.  Mastered by Greg Davis. Original artwork by Billy Joe Miller.



All proceeds from the digital and cassette editions go directly toward Feminist Women’s Health Center, an Atlanta-based nonprofit providing safe, accessible, and compassionate abortion and gynecological care to all those who need it without judgement. Geographic North / 2020

(100% of proceeds benefiting youthSpark, a non-profit supporting at-risk youth)
Geographic North / 2018

(100% of proceeds goes towards benefiting UK homelessness Shelter)
Audioscope / 2014

Imaginational Anthem Vol. 5 – CD + download
Tomkins Square / 2012

Track Listing :

1. Temple Walk – Steve Gunn
2. I Think We’ll Be Happy Here – Jordan Fuller
3. Lookout Point – Danny Paul Grody
4. There Is A Place In This Old Town – Nick Schillace
5. Hemet Pine Singer – Will Stratton
6. John Fahey Commemorative Beer Can – Bill Orcutt
7. Confederate Rose – Daniel Bachman
8. Through A House Of Violet Abandon – Eric Carbonara
9. Her Unmediated Eyes – Tom Lecky
10. Standing At The Entrance Of A Hidden City – Alexander Turnquist
11. Modern Man In Search Of A Song – Cam Deas
12. Rivers Gone Badly Wrong – Yair Yona

Preview full album here

Various Artists – Eight Trails, One Path – LP + Download
Three Lobed Recordings / 2012 (Limited Edition of 1055)

1. Alvarius B – El Gomhoreya
2. William Tyler – Lismacue
3. Danny Paul Grody – Late November
4. Six Organs Of Admittance – Stranded on Io
5. Steve Gunn – Trailways Gramble
6. Lee Ranaldo – By The Window
7. David Daniell – Housewarming
8. Sir Richard Bishop – Quarter Wheel

Honest Strings: A Tribute To The Life And Work Of Jack Rose

MASSIVE 6 and a half hour tribute to the late great Jack Rose co-curated by Cory Rayborn of Three Lobed records and available exclusively via Thrill Jockey’s Fina music download site.  100% of proceeds go to Jack Rose’s estate.


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